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I usually see clients in my private workspace. I can also see you in your own home where appropriate. If you decide to make an appointment with me I will provide address details at that time.


I offer telephone counselling - usually after one face to face meeting.


I offer online sessions if distance is an issue.


Making first contact can be daunting and may produce feelings of anxiety. Breathe deep and take the plunge. The first contact does not commit you in any way.


You may contact me by telephoning, texting or emailing me using the contact details below. If you make contact with me I will endeavour to return your contact within 24 hours.


Contact me to discuss what you hope for from counselling and to decide if you feel we can work together.


I encourage anyone seeking counselling to only pursue sessions with a practitioner after they have had an initial conversation and they feel comfortable and willing to engage in the working relationship. You can not fully commit to the work unless you feel safe with your therapist. Usually you will know intuitively after a brief chat or face to face meeting how you feel about this. Trust your instincts!



TEL 07539 881633


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