About Me

My commitment to you is open-ended which means that there is no time limit and space is created for the therapy to develop over time, for as long as you feel is necessary.

I am equally happy providing short term targeted work to address a specific challenge in your life.

I am a professionally accredited integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor.

I work with adults online and face to face in Dorset and Somerset. I also run WalkEase Therapy in Dorset/Somerset.

I believe that we were all born with a perfect sense of who we are and what we are.

My introduction to the world of psychology organically blossomed from working with children as a therapeutic foster carer, completing the Introduction to Transactional Analysis in 2006 and the Certificate in Therapeutic Fostering in 2007. I became the foster parent to over 35 children between 1998 and 2011 whilst honing and furthering my therapeutic studies.

I have extensive experience working with both children and their families through local councils, providing nurture groups in schools and one to one work with older students. This led me to working directly with parents to help them understand their children and manage their needs and behaviours.

My interest in working with adults emerged directly from this experience. I began to see how their problems were firstly impacting their own lives, but furthermore the lives of their children.


I became a keen student of understanding how to help people recognise their unconscious patterns, and how they could move away from allowing the past to repeat itself.

Completing a Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 2013 and an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling in 2015 I am now focusing on working more with adults. I am a certified EFT practitioner.

I dedicate myself to helping as many people as I can through my work as a counsellor.

I continue my education by taking a variety of courses and programs and reading widely. I am committed to adding to my therapeutic techniques and broadening my skills so I can offer a personalised approach to each client that trusts me with their unique story. 

My own journey healing from childhood trauma, grief and loss, emotional neglect and experience with narcissistic personality types has formed the foundation of my therapeutic practice. This combined with my formal training enables me to support my clients with empathy whilst maintaining professional boundaries. 

My Approach